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Top Breweries to Visit in the Twin Cities

Top Twin Cities Breweries | Tattooed caucasian barman pouring beer while standing in pub.

Tapping into Flavor: Exploring Minnesota’s Craft Brewery Scene 

While Minnesota may wear the crown of “The Land of 10,000 Lakes,” its identity is woven with another thread—craft breweries that dot the landscape like hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. In fact, with the abundance of these establishments throughout the state, some cheekily suggest that Minnesota could easily be called “The Land of 10,000 Beers.” From bustling cities to tranquil small towns, the aroma of hops and the clink of glasses create a harmonious symphony that echoes the heart of Minnesota’s beer culture. 

Crafting a Liquid Legacy 

Whether you’re sipping your way through the bustling streets of Minneapolis or soaking in the charm of a rural getaway, the presence of a craft brewery is a testament to Minnesota’s brewing prowess. The state’s craft beer movement has become a cornerstone of its identity, captivating locals and visitors alike with its diverse range of flavors and innovative brewing techniques. The “Land of 10,000 Beers” is not just a clever moniker; it’s a testament to the artistry, dedication, and passion that Minnesota brewers pour into every batch. 

A Flavorful Journey Across the State 

From north to south, east to west, Minnesota’s craft brewery scene is an adventure waiting to be savored. Whether you’re drawn to the crisp bitterness of an IPA, the comforting embrace of a stout, or the refreshing notes of a wheat ale, there’s a brewery crafting the perfect pour for you. The state’s brewing landscape is a tapestry woven with stories of local ingredients, inspired collaborations, and a commitment to community that extends well beyond the pint glass. 

Crafting Impact, One Brew at a Time 

Minnesota’s breweries don’t just craft beers; they cultivate experiences. They’re the backdrop to laughter among friends, the scene of first dates, and the place where old stories are shared anew. These breweries aren’t just establishments; they’re a testament to the spirit of Minnesota itself—warm, welcoming, and full of character. It’s no surprise that Minnesota beers have etched their mark on the national and international beer scene, earning respect and admiration for their quality and creativity. 

A Toast to the Journey 

As you travel the diverse landscapes of Minnesota, make sure to raise a glass to the state’s vibrant craft brewery scene. From the bustling neighborhoods of the Twin Cities to the tranquil serenity of the countryside, the clinking of glasses resonates with a sense of unity that transcends geographical boundaries. So, whether you’re a connoisseur seeking the perfect pint or a casual drinker looking to explore new flavors, Minnesota’s breweries offer a rich tapestry of tastes and experiences, waiting to be unveiled one delicious sip at a time. 

Every brewery has a story to tell, a flavor to savor, and a welcoming atmosphere to embrace. So, let the adventure begin—raise your glass to Minnesota’s craft breweries and savor the artistry that flows from each tap, inviting you to discover the heart and soul of the state, one pour at a time. 

Sip, Savor, Repeat: Team Kathy Borys’ Favorite Minnesota Breweries 

Narrowing down favorites can be as challenging as picking the perfect beer from a tap list that seems to stretch to infinity. But worry not, for Team Kathy Borys is here to guide you through some of their favorite spots for a flavorful adventure. Whether you’re in the mood for an IPA bursting with hops, a velvety stout, or a refreshing ale, these breweries have something special in store for every palate. Let’s raise our glasses to these gems! 

1. Bauhaus Brew Labs (Northeast Minneapolis) 


2. Dangerous Man Brewing (Northeast Minneapolis) 


3. Forgotten Star Brewing Co. (Fridley) 


4. Summit Brewing Company (St. Paul) 


5. Lake Monster Brewing Company (St. Paul) 


6. Bad Weather Brewing Company (St. Paul) 


7. Surly Brewing Co. (Minneapolis) 


8. Pryes Brewing Company (Minneapolis) 


9. Indeed Brewing Company (Northeast Minneapolis) 


10. Fairstate Brewing Cooperative (Northeast Minneapolis) 


11. Bent Paddle Brewing Co. (Duluth) 


12. Castle Danger Brewery (Two Harbors) 


13. Goat Ridge Brewing Company (New London) 


Each of these breweries is a destination in itself, offering a unique ambiance that mirrors the heart and soul of Minnesota. Whether you’re drawn to the artistic flair of Northeast Minneapolis or the picturesque landscapes of Duluth and beyond, the craft beer culture in Minnesota thrives in these diverse settings. 

So, gather your fellow beer enthusiasts, explore the flavors, and create memories at these exceptional Minnesota breweries that Team Kathy Borys holds near and dear to their hearts. Cheers to the artistry, camaraderie, and the ever-expanding world of craft beer!

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