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New Rankings Released – Minnesota’s Best High Schools in 2023


There’s a new education ranking website called Niche, and they have put together a list of Minnesota’s Best High Schools. The Patch recently highlighted the Niche’s findings in an article and also said, “Several schools in Minnesota are among America’s best…”

You can learn more about the top-rated schools in Minnesota by visiting the Niche website, or here are some commonly asked questions about High Schools in Minnesota.

Popular Questions about Minnesota High Schools

Are There More Private or Public Schools in MN?

There are 1,244 high schools across Minnesota. Of those, there are 1,144 public schools and 100 private schools.

What are some alternative high school options in Minnesota?

If the traditional school system isn’t a good fit for your child, Minnesota offers a variety of alternative school options for students. About 16% of students attend school in Minnesota through alternative school options. The Minnesota Department of Education offers a variety of resources to help you navigate the options of alternative schooling in Minnesota.

Are there any Acting High Schools in Minnesota?

Minnesota is home to several schools whose primary focus is arts, including acting. The Niche offers a list of the best schools for the Arts in Minnesota.

What is the top basketball high school in Minnesota?

Although basketball rankings fluctuate, the Minnesota Basketball News provides an updated list of high school rankings for basketball, which can be found here.

What is the top football high school in Minnesota?

Just like basketball, rankings for football are always shifting. You can find the latest rankings for Minnesota High School Football here.

If you’ve found the ideal high school for your family and you’d like to buy a home in the district, start your search here, or contact Team Kathy Borys to help you find the perfect home for your family.

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